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A car crash waiting to happen: From Burmese ‘slopes’ to lazy Mexicans to the N word – is Jeremy Clarkson finally too toxic for the BBC

By now, most of us can list Jeremy Clarkson’s more offensive recent utterances: the “n word”, most unforgivably; the “slope” on a Burmese bridge; and, with Top Gear co-presenter Richard Hammond, playing Beavis to Clarkson’s Butthead, those lazy, flatulent Mexicans. Plus an entire “special” that spent something like an hour taking the mickey out of the Indians.



Should Britain have joined World War One? Keep these points in mind during the argument

The battle lines are drawn. On the one hand, the First World War was a necessary struggle and Britain had no alternative but to play its part: on the other, the war was a tragic mess that came about by mistake, and we should have stayed out. Bungling statesmen got us into it, and bungling generals made sure it would be a four-year nightmare of futile slaughter.



Ukrainian PM blames security forces for Odessa deaths as Kiev’s troops surround Slovyansk

Ukraine’s interim Prime Minister has said the country’s security forces are to blame for the deaths of over 40 people in Odessa – the vast majority pro-Russian protesters – as they failed to maintain order in the southern city.



Why the rich stay rich: they don’t invest like the rest

When many of us have a little cash to invest, we might buy a mutual fund or a stock — if we don’t blow it on the latest tech gadget. Not the truly wealthy, however. They often put their money in property, art, businesses and other investments that the rest of us can only dream of owning. How this rarified group uses their cash differentiates them from the rest of us — and keeps them in the black.