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Alibaba’s Singles’ Day sales near $7bn

China’s online retail giant Alibaba says it has seen nearly $7bn (£4.4bn) of sales so far from its annual ‘Singles’ Day’ shopping event.

Seventeen hours in, the firm said sales had already hit $6.96bn, with industry analysts predicting that sales could surpass $8bn this year.

Last year, Alibaba recorded sales of $5.75bn and shipped more than 150 million packages.

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Soil survey paints China’s sobering pollution picture

Soil conditions across China are grim, with some regions seeing serious contamination, according to a nationwide soil pollution survey conducted by the country’s environmental watchdog.

Pollution of land abandoned by industrial and mineral enterprises is especially severe, the survey said.

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China and Nigeria sign a $13.1 billion rail deal

On Monday the China Railway Construction Corp signed a $13.1 billion deal with the Nigerian Ministry of Transport to build a high-speed coastal railway in Nigeria, one of the largest foreign railway projects China has ever signed.

Under the contract, the company will build a 1,385-km single-track line for trains that will run at up to 120 km an hour. “The coastal railway will boost the export of Nigeria’s oil products. Additionally, as a significant part of the Western Africa railway network, it will also drive regional economic development,” said the head of the Railway Bureau of Nigeria.



Xi urges continuing efforts to improve work style

President Xi Jinping on Friday called for effective measures to prevent the ongoing campaign that aims to improve work style of officials from turning into “half-cooked rice.”

The campaign should not be reduced to a mere formality or conducted in a perfunctory way, Xi told Lankao County officials in central China’s Henan Province.