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Virgin Australia Velocity and Singapore Airlines Krisflyer frequent flyer members can now swap points between loyalty program

Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines have launched their world-first conversion between their respective frequent flyer programs, giving members of both the ability to transfer their points to obtain an ideal outcome. Continue reading Virgin Australia Velocity and Singapore Airlines Krisflyer frequent flyer members can now swap points between loyalty program

Singapore tops list of best countries to visit in 2015

Singapore has topped Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015 list this year, followed by Namibia and Lithuania.

With its unique style of cuisine and culture, Lonely Planet selected the Southeast Asia destination as it offers an escape from the typical urban landscape, as well as providing ample opportunities to explore the island. In addition, Singapore will celebrate fifty years of independence next year, so we can expect some grand celebrations. Continue reading Singapore tops list of best countries to visit in 2015

The Silk Road

Ever wondered about the Silk Road, its mystery, its secrets?

It is one of the most important trading routes in history, visited by explorers, warriors, poets and nomads. It was the life line connecting the mighty civilisations of East and West where spices, textiles, art and language were traded for centuries. Today, there are many tours that can take you on this magical journey. Privately chartered trains carve a path through China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Russia. If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure on your next holiday, then consider a tour of the Silk Road. Continue reading The Silk Road

48 Hours In: Sofia

Now’s the perfect time to chew over the bite-sized capital of Bulgaria, says Nick Boulos.

Sofia is a city packed with surprises and hidden delights yet small enough to explore in detail in only a couple of days. The bite-sized Bulgarian capital – one of Europe’s cheapest to stay in – is built upon ancient foundations of culture and history. Standing among the striking Stalinist-era architecture are ancient Byzantine masterpieces, built during the 500 years of Ottoman rule, as well as ruins of a Roman metropolis. Continue reading 48 Hours In: Sofia

Incredible Bahia, Brazil

With over 1000km of coconut-fringed beaches and the most agreeable climate in the region – hot and sunny, but not as blistering as elsewhere – Bahia has long been one of the country’s most popular destinations for foreign visitors. Constituting over a third of Northeast Brazil, it sits to the south of the area’s other states. At its heart are the Chapada Diamantina Mountains, offering breathtaking trekking and climbing opportunities, while just north of there, the massive São Francisco Lakes are popular for canoeing and watersports. The countryside changes to the south of the state capital, Salvador (site of the first Portuguese landings in 1500), with mangrove swamps and fast-developing island resorts around the town of Valença, before reverting to a spectacular coastline. A string of colonial towns, including Santo Amaro and Cachoeira, also lie within striking distance of Salvador. Further south, Ilhéus is a thriving beach resort, as is Porto Seguro, whose early settlement pre-dates even Salvador’s. Beyond the coastline, Bahia comprises a vast grain-producing western sector and semi-arid landscape. The Bahian sertão is massive, a desert-like land that supports some fascinating towns – the ex-mining bases of Jacobina and Lençóis and the river terminus of Ibotirama are just three.

Incredible Bahia, Brazil - Executive Salad
Incredible Bahia, Brazil – Executive Salad

Continue reading Incredible Bahia, Brazil