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Singapore tops list of best countries to visit in 2015

Singapore has topped Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015 list this year, followed by Namibia and Lithuania.

With its unique style of cuisine and culture, Lonely Planet selected the Southeast Asia destination as it offers an escape from the typical urban landscape, as well as providing ample opportunities to explore the island. In addition, Singapore will celebrate fifty years of independence next year, so we can expect some grand celebrations. Continue reading Singapore tops list of best countries to visit in 2015

The Silk Road

Ever wondered about the Silk Road, its mystery, its secrets?

It is one of the most important trading routes in history, visited by explorers, warriors, poets and nomads. It was the life line connecting the mighty civilisations of East and West where spices, textiles, art and language were traded for centuries. Today, there are many tours that can take you on this magical journey. Privately chartered trains carve a path through China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Russia. If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure on your next holiday, then consider a tour of the Silk Road. Continue reading The Silk Road

China and Nigeria sign a $13.1 billion rail deal

On Monday the China Railway Construction Corp signed a $13.1 billion deal with the Nigerian Ministry of Transport to build a high-speed coastal railway in Nigeria, one of the largest foreign railway projects China has ever signed.

Under the contract, the company will build a 1,385-km single-track line for trains that will run at up to 120 km an hour. “The coastal railway will boost the export of Nigeria’s oil products. Additionally, as a significant part of the Western Africa railway network, it will also drive regional economic development,” said the head of the Railway Bureau of Nigeria.



Xi urges continuing efforts to improve work style

President Xi Jinping on Friday called for effective measures to prevent the ongoing campaign that aims to improve work style of officials from turning into “half-cooked rice.”

The campaign should not be reduced to a mere formality or conducted in a perfunctory way, Xi told Lankao County officials in central China’s Henan Province.