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How to Promote Your Successes

Have you delivered something fantastic and want to shout it from the rooftops? Unfortunately it’s easy to be seen to be boasting if you talk about your own successes. So if you want to share your good news without coming across as showing off, follow these tips …

Share your good news in a positive way.

Tip #1: Do your job very well

Be known for managing your projects competently. Doing your job well is one way for people to hear about your successes, as you will find that people notice and the news spreads without you having to do very much at all!

Tip #2: Use reports and dashboards

Project status reports and dashboards can be used to highlight project successes. These are shared with stakeholders and you can include a section called ‘successes’, ‘good news’ or ‘highlights’ to draw attention to the work that you and your team have been doing.

You can tailor the report or dashboard to show the statistics or information that you feel will be most useful for stakeholders. Just remember to show a balanced picture: by all means include the good news and your project successes, but be honest and report the overall project status and any risks and issues currently facing the project as well.

Tip #3: Help others

Sharing your knowledge with others is another way to talk about your successes informally. Being a mentor or coach, or simply saying yes when a colleague asks for help is not only a way to find moments to share what you have learned through achieving your project goals but also a way to let others know that you are a helpful and professional colleague!

Tip #4: Get others to talk about it

One of the best ways to spread the news about what your project has achieved is to get other people to talk about it for you. There are two ways to do this. First, you can hope that others will share your good news once you have told a few people. This works in environments where people often meet up in person and chat (or gossip!). But be aware that bad news travels much faster than good news!

Second, you could specifically ask others to talk about your successes. Your project sponsor is a great person to do this as he or she is likely to be in a position to promote the work of the project team on your behalf when meeting colleagues. It certainly won’t sound as if you are boasting if the news comes from your sponsor!

Tip #5: Talk about what you learned

Finally, you can talk freely about the success on your project if you dress it in the language of what you have learned. For example, instead of saying, “We hit all our dates and came in under budget,” you can say, “I learned loads about scheduling on this project and that really helped me and the team to make sure we came in on time and under budget.” It’s the same message, but with a slightly different slant and it sounds less like boasting than the first sentence. Experiment with different ways of phrasing your news to find a way that doesn’t hide your success but sounds less like showing off.

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