Beware the 'Squeezed middle' – they're not that squeezed, and not that middle - Executive Salad

Beware the ‘Squeezed middle’ – they’re not that squeezed, and not that middle

When the middle class feels pinched, politicians have to listen. But one person’s poverty is another’s trip to Aldi.

In the grim economic circumstances of the past few years, one question has been asked again and again: who has borne the brunt of it? It’s a complicated matter, and the answer sets the political agenda; surprising, then, that if you judge by column inches and the tenor of political rhetoric, there is a single view. The real victims of the great recession, our leaders and leader writers agree, have been the middle classes, also known as the squeezed middle. We’re all in it together, but apparently some of us are more in it together than others.


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