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Australians put heads in the sand for Bondi Beach protest

The unique protest idea to make a stand against climate change by sticking heads in the sand has spread to Australia’s most famous beach.

On Thursday afternoon, hundreds of people gathered on Bondi Beach, Sydney, to do a #headsinthesandsalute, which first happened on a Queensland beach in September. With a loud speaker saying: “Tony Abbott’s been doing it for years, you should be right.” The crowd dug a hole and shoved their heads in it for two minutes as the sun went down.

George Hirst from Cranky Curlew, who organised the first protest on Townsville’s Strand Beach in September, said he hopes this event gets even more attention — and perhaps a world record.

“I’m hoping the Bondi event will send a huge message to our government and the G20 that they can no longer hide their heads in the sand over the climate change planetary emergency,” he told Mashable.

Eden Tehan organised the Bondi event after seeing Hirst’s incredible protest that received international attention.

Bondi local Bonnie Perris and Cooge local Rachel Raymond, both 23, told Mashable they came down to the beach to join the protests to draw attention to climate change as “any awareness is good for Australia.”

“Australians have a big reliance on fossil fuels and our government is doing very little to change that,” Perris said.

“It’s a disgrace,” Raymond added.

Source: Mashable

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